Call Analytics Product
Coheron Systems has developed an analytics product targeted at the IVR application space. This product aims to provide a detailed analysis on the working of any existing or new IVR application. This application is targeted for use both during application development in order to drive the usability testing of the application, as well as post deployment, in order to understand how the system is being used and to understand its effectiveness in meeting the business needs of the customer.
The features of the product are listed below.
  • Call level and State level analysis
  • Call Flow Navigation details
  • Transfer details
  • Confusability Analysis
  • Speech Analysis
  • Time To First Audio
  • Optout/Nomatch/Noinput analysis
  • Repeat/Unique call analysis
  • Depth of visit analysis
  • Bargein Analysis
  • Call Path analysis
  • Time spent on states analysis
  • Vxml defined tuning details
  • Whole Call simulation
  • PDF report capabilities
  • Email capabilities
  • Custom reports