IVR Application Development
Coheron provides complete end to end IVR application development with special emphasis on usability and quality.
  • Usability driven call flow design
  • Speech engineering and grammar development
  • VoiceXML programming to implement the application
  • Audio recording
  • Voice QA services

Usability driven call flow design

An IVR application call flow design demands a degree of usability focus that may not always be needed in other visual driven applications. Caller patience is always at a premium and the design needs to fulfill the callers need in the best possible manner. This means that great attention has to be paid to the design and the flow of the application. Having worked with high volume applications, we understand the critical need to design usable and concise IVR applications.

Speech engineering and grammar development

The quality of speech recognition at each state determines how effective the application is in taking the caller forward through the flow and ultimately getting the user to the right destination. While the underlying platform has a role to play in the effectiveness of the recognition, the bulk of the responsibility in building a good speech application resides with the speech engineer who will develop and tune the grammars at each state. Coupled with our own Call Analytics product which tells us exactly what the efficiency is of speech recognition at each state, we provide high quality speech engineering services capable of handling highly complex applications.

VoiceXML programming to implement the application

Coheron typically focuses on trying to develop on the latest standards wherever possible. With the VXML standard having gathered industry acceptance in the last decade, almost all of the current IVR development happens using this specification. We provide expert services in the VXML programming domain, and our experience at handling high volume and usability driven applications ensures we understand the complexities involved in developing using VXML.

Audio recording

Coheron Systems does not do audio recording in house, but will work with the customer to identify the appropriate voice talent that an application demands and will ensure delivery of high quality audio recordings suited for the application.

Voice QA services

Testing is a big part of the development life cycle for IVR applications. Much more so than traditional web or desktop applications. This is simply because of the nature of IVR applications and the serial manner in which the test cases need to be executed. This aspect is often overlooked during IVR development lifecycles and it ultimately shows up in the quality of the application. The skills involved in executing IVR testing are different as well compared to the visual domain. We have a large pool of engineers specifically trained in the different aspects of testing application on voice platforms. This ensures we can provide a complete high quality application.

IVR Development Case Study

Coheron Systems has been developing and maintaining a high volume IVR platform for a Fortune 500 customer in the US for the last 5+ years. Some key characteristics of this software solution are.

  • Complex functionality. From delivery of content to executing transactions, this is a complex IVR application that pushes the envelope in terms of what an IVR platform can accomplish.
  • Authentication via ID/PIN or using Indicative date(Zip, DOB etc.).
  • Front end developed using VXML 2.1 spec. Backend is J2EE.
  • Uptime of 99.999%.
  • 800 concurrent port usage (same as number of callers using the system at the same time).
  • Total call volume of 20 million calls/year.