IVR Application Development
Coheron provides complete end to end IVR application development with special emphasis on usability and quality. more..
  • Usability driven call flow design
  • Speech engineering and grammar development
  • VoiceXML programming to implement the application
  • Audio recording
  • Voice QA services
J2EE Application Development
Application development on the J2EE platform is a core capability of Coheron Systems. Our experience working on 24/7 uptime and highly secure applications allows us to engineer solutions that will scale both in terms of functionality as well as performance as the application grows over time. While many companies will claim to provide J2EE development services, very few will make security and scalability top priorities upfront. more..
Quality Assurance (QA) Services
Coheron Systems provides QA services across a wide variety of platforms. We have a large dedicated team specifically focused on QA. Our skills at application development lets us understand QA needs really well and enabled us to setup a QA process that will ensure the best possible way to tackle the QA needs of the application and customer. While we specialize in testing IVR applications, we also undertake QA services across a wide variety of platforms. more..
  • IVR/Speech applications.
  • Web or desktop solutions.
  • Mobile applications.
Call Analytics Product
Coheron Systems has developed an analytics product targeted at the IVR application space. This product aims to provide a detailed analysis on the working of any existing or new IVR application. This application is targeted for use both during application development in order to drive the usability testing of the application, as well as post deployment, in order to understand how the system is being used and to understand its effectiveness in meeting the business needs of the customer. more..