Coheron Systems is a software development services provider specializing in the domain of Interactive Voice Response(IVR) systems. Coheron core strength is in developing VXML based speech recognition capable IVR applications. IVR applications are typically a combination of a speech capable front end coupled with an enterprise grade backend application responsible for data management and business logic. Coheron has proven expertise at developing such secure and highly available applications.

We are currently providing IVR and J2EE development services to Fortune 500 clients based in the US. With a presence in the US and India, we are ideally positioned to provide a global delivery model.

Coheron Systems has a developed product in the Call Analytics space targeted towards customers who need a deeper understanding of the working, usability and effectiveness of their IVR application. The product provides a complete analytical view of all the states in the application and highlights potential issues with the design or implementation of the IVR application.

Coheron Systems is also in the process of launching an expert driven education portal for the Indian marketplace.