J2EE Application Development
Application development on the J2EE platform is a core capability of Coheron Systems. Our experience working on 24/7 uptime and highly secure applications allows us to engineer solutions that will scale both in terms of functionality as well as performance as the application grows over time. While many companies will claim to provide J2EE development services, very few will make security and scalability top priorities upfront.

Our skills within the J2EE space cover these following areas.
  • All currently adopted frameworks like Struts, Spring, Hibernate etc.
  • A wide variety of application servers like WebSphere, JBoss, Weblogic, Tomcat etc.
  • A range of RDBMS databases like Oracle, MySQL etc.
  • SOAP based Web Services.
  • Single Sign On(SSO) using Federated Identity management.
  • Web security. Every application needs to be hardened against typical internet driven attacks and we understand what it takes to make an application service against these.
  • Load carrying capability. We can engineer applications that can essentially scale in terms of performance to any extent the customer needs.